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Re: [equinox-dev] shell refactoring proposal - Gogo jars in orbit

Gogo jars are approved for use in equinox incubator (CQ 4561), but now what should be done in order to include them in orbit? File another CQ to request this?




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Subject: Re: [equinox-dev] shell refactoring proposal - Indigo plan deadline


I'm not sure how to deal with the gogo jars in orbit. The jars are real bundles and we will not have to repackage them or anything like that. Jeff what do you recommend?

Orbit is about maintaining bundles for third party code that eclipse projects use. We already have cases where the code is delivered to us as a bundle (ICU, SSH, ...) so this would be just another instance of this.


As for timing, we have to wait for the IP team to approve the CQ but it should be reasonably quick.

I do not plan to move the console out of the framework. We can provide any changes you need to be able to disable it completely in your environment. I think there are options to do this already.

I guess the trick is if we expect someone running eclipse -console to get the built in one in one case and Gogo in another. What are we expecting the user model to be?