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Re: [equinox-dev] How to best simulate standalone Equinox deployment in Eclipse

2010/11/19 Robert KrÃger <krueger@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm going through the (so far rather painful) process of trying to deploy my OSGI app developed within Eclipse 3.6 in a standalone Equinox environment for the first time.

The main problem is the runtime in PDE simulates the Eclipse
workbench, which is to have the osgi compatibility suck in everything
from the boot classpath. That isn't the default on Eqiunox though, so
even though PDE knows the difference between an Eclipse plugin run and
an Equinox run, it treats everything like Ecipse.

You want to have:



"A new option has been be added to Equinox to enable a backwards
compatibility option. The option is osgi.compatibility.bootdelegation.
This option is be enabled by default in the Equinox Launcher, but it
defaults to false if the org.eclipse.osgi jar is run directly (set it
to "true" to make it behave like the Equinox Launcher). When this
option is enabled a last resort boot delegation occurs after all other
steps in the OSGi delegation process have been exhausted."

To make it work 'for real' if you need those packages, either:

1) Set that to '*' in the Equinox runtime, or
2) Install fragments to the system bundle which export the packages required

Option 2 is a more compatible way of dealing with it on other OSGi runtimes.