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[equinox-dev] Website update

In response to the discussion in today's call, and with the help of DJ, I updated the prototype website and download samples as follows

- The website now has a RSS feed view in the right column showing the 5 most recent posts found on Planet Eclipse that have the word "equinox" in them somewhere.  We can make this query as complicated as we like.  I started by using tags and categories but it seems many people do not tag or categorize their posts reliably. This shows up on every equionx related page.

- The download sample (http://eclipse.org/equinox/testweb/somebuild.php) now has all the content for a build so you can see the complete picture.

- I used some of DJs previous work in Orbit and made the various sections collapsable. I'm not 100% satisfied with how it looks but want it to be clear to people that they should expand the section to find more content.  Comments and suggestions are welcome

So much for formatting and page structure.  I'd really like to get some input on the content for the four buttons at the top as well as the menu entries.


The prototype is in the following pages.  Some are linked together but here is the full list.