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[equinox-dev] Eclipse Product export wizard


When I export my product, I obtain an executable file. However, if I click on it :
 - on OS mac nothing happens.
 - on Linux, I obtain an error : "There is no application installed for executable files".

Basically, I've create 3 bundles :
 - org.mydomain.gsm : uses the 2 next bundles.
 - org.mydomain.horloge : export one simple service
 - org.mydomain.sms : export one simple service

And I've also a product definition (org.mydomain.flobal.feature) based on the feature.xml. If I click on "launch an Eclipse Application" over the "Overview" page of my product definition, my 3 bundles are actives and run normally. To explain quickly what does my OSGi system : "GSM" must write some information into "/home/grabiel/log.txt". The information to write is from "horloge" and "sms".

I've uploaded some files :
 - OSGi.zip : my 3 bundles and my product definition : http://rapidshare.com/files/394756692/Export_OSGI.zip.html
 - Export_OSGI.zip : the result of an export. You have to unzip the "p2.zip" to see the exectuable file : gsm. http://rapidshare.com/files/394756693/OSGi.zip.html

To summarize, when I export my product definition, nothing happens. However It works inside eclipse. Do you have some idea or solution to solve my problem?

I'm a new user of equinox and probably my problem will be very easy for you.

Many thanks!