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[equinox-dev] Starting the system bundle



We are implementing logic which depends on the system bundle being put in ACTIVE state after all bundles, which should be running, are started. However, it turned out that actually the system bundle is put in ACTIVE state just before the bundles are started. This is evident from the method StartLevelManager.doSetStartLevel(…), which is called from the EquinoxLauncher. There is a comment in the code, that putting the bundle in ACTIVE state “should be done just before firing the STARTED event for the system bundle” but is done earlier, because “some depend on the system bundle being in the ACTIVE state when they are starting”. Do you think it is possible to change the current behavior and put the system bundle in ACTIVE state after the other bundles are started, as it is in the OSGi spec?


Kind regards,

Lazar Kirchev