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[equinox-dev] Re: [GSoC] Restlet integration with Equinox

Hi Gunnar,

I agree, it wouldn't make sense to bring Restlet right 'into' Equinox. The project is about integrating Restlet with Equinox, or on top of it to be more precise.

Best regards,

Le 27/03/2010 20:23, Gunnar Wagenknecht a écrit :
Am 25.03.2010 15:08, schrieb Rajeev Sampath:
The intent of the original idea is to provide full Restlet integration
with Equinox, but what ECF needs seems to be only the server specific
part. So there seems to be some redundant work from ECF's point of view
(if I haven't misunderstood the situation).

I think that you can scratch the original idea. Equinox is an OSGi runtime implementation and as such provides implementation of these services. I don't really see a possibility (nor a need) to bring Restlet support right into Equinox. ECF seems to be the better home for such integrations.