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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: [GSoC] Restlet integration with Equinox

Hi Jerome,

Jerome Louvel wrote:
Hi Scott, Rajeev and all,

Thanks for your interest Rajeev in this GSoC project.

Scott, it seems that the integration of Restlet with ECF could give you with fully-featured server-side REST support. This would also be a nice use case for the GSoC "Restlet integration with Equinox" project.

I agree.

I've recently created a wiki page for this project. Maybe we could propose another GSoC project for this specific topic?

"ECF integration"

I think that would be a great idea. One point of information/interest...there are already several ECF committers and contributors that would probably also be interested in this 'second step'...i.e. of using Restlet API on Equinox/OSGi server to implement an ECF remote services host provider. Actually, Bryan Hunt is one such ECF contributor, and he may be interested in this sort of use case as well.