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[equinox-dev] Generated configuration file overwrites specified properties

We start our product, based on Eclipse, with our own splash screen. In
the configuration directory we therefore have specified the following
properties in the config.ini file:
- eclipse.product=com.mycompany.myproduct.ide
- osgi.splashPath=platform\:/base/plugins/com.mycompany.myprod uct
- osgi.configuration.area = @user.home/.eclipse/configuration

When starting the product for the very first time, the proper splash
screen shows up. Therefore, the local config.ini file was read and
parsed correctly. When closing the application again, a new created
configuration file is written (written by EquinoxFwConfigFileParser) to
the location specified in 'osgi.configuration.area'. This generated
config.ini file however, contains wrong/overwritten properties:
- eclipse.product=org.eclipse.platform.ide
- osgi.splashPath=platform\:/base/plugins/org.eclipse.platform

If I now restart the product for a second/next time, the default Eclipse
splash screen is shown; The setting in the configuration area apparently
takes precedence over the local setting.

I have this problem since I switched over from Eclipse 3.5.0 to version
3.5.2. In Eclipse 3.5.0 this mechanism worked well, since no entries for
'eclipse.product' and 'osgi.splashPath' were written back.

Should I log a bug in bugzilla for this issue, or could there be
something wrong with my configuration?

Richard Horbach