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[equinox-dev] How to add whole directory in classpath and how to controll osgi console log


Hi all,



1. OSGi setting equivalent to java runtime option -Djava.ext.dirs=c:/jars


My plugin need few 3rd party jars in classpath.

In my MANIFEST.MF I have following entry


Bundle-ClassPath: .,



Is there a way I can define  like jars/*.jar .

Actually I am looking for OSGi setting equivalent to java runtime option -Djava.ext.dirs=c:/jars


2. Controlling OSGi log file.


Is there any way of controlling logs generated in workspace directory of OSGi container.


Over the time log file is consuming considerable amount of hard drive space. Is there any way of control this log file.  Typically I would like to created multiple log files of predefined size and then over-writing oldest file log file. ... similar to setting provided by Log4j library




Sorry if this is not the right forum to ask these kind of questions,

I will appreciate if somebody can point my to right mailing list.

Thanks & Regards
Swapnil Patil.