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[equinox-dev] java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation

Hello all.
    I trying to build a bundle,when deploy into osgi and run,it throw an error:
java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving overridden method "oracle.j2ee.ws.saaj.soap.SOAPPartImpl.appendChild(Lorg/w3c/dom/Node;)Lorg/w3c/dom/Node;" the class loader (instance of org/eclipse/osgi/internal/baseadaptor/DefaultClassLoader) of the current class, oracle/j2ee/ws/saaj/soap/SOAPPartImpl, and its superclass loader (instance of <bootloader>), have different Class objects for the type org/w3c/dom/Node used in the signature,
    the  oracle.j2ee.ws.saaj.soap.SOAPPartImpl is in orasaaj.jar and it is used by parlayX,I found that the orasaaj.jar and rt.jar both have this class SOAPPartImpl,
To solve this problem ,what do I have to do,
in addition, it is normal and successful that the project just run as a application ,
Many Thanks