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[equinox-dev] Configuration Admin Question



I am thinking about using Configuration Admin Service for my scenario where I have to install different bundles which provide services to use different devices. The problem is the next one, if I have many equal devices (just with different configuration) I would have to use the same bundle which I would get an DuplicateBundle_Error because I can not install again this bundle, what It is normal because it would be a waste of resources. For this reason I though to use Configuration Admin Service with ManageServiceFactory, which lets me to use different instances of a same service. I have been reading about Configuration Admin Examples and Configuration Admin Service documentation in OSGI compendium but I do not understand very well how exactly this service works, because I do not see the relation between Factory_PID and Service PID. If I want to create new instances of my services, when I create a new Configuration for example, I would like to create create a new PID for my new Configuration and not to call the PID_Factory, how can I create a new configuration for a new instance with a new PID?


There are another way to manage bundles for devices different of Config Admin Service?


Thank you in advance