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[equinox-dev] Problem with bundles version in Ubuntu

Hi everyone,


I have been working using Equinox, using both Eclipse IDE and command line as well on Windows XP. After that, I have tried to move my applications to Ubuntu, and when I try to start a bundle which imports a package from another one called BundleA with version 1.0.0 I got the next BundleException:

“The bundle could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Import-Package: es.citic.osgi.remoteManager; version =”0.0.0”.


So I change my version in BundleA in its Manifest.MF file changing it to version=”0.0.0”, furthermore, I checked using the command “>>bundle BundleA” in Ubuntu that the version finally is the “0.0.0” but I get the same Exception. It is very strange because of when I exported the bundles from Eclipse in order to load them on the Equinox framework using command line on Windows XP, I did not care about the version.


Any idea about this problem? Does it exist a command in order that the versions are not taken into account?


Thank you in advance