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[equinox-dev] How to use p2 to install a standalone product

Hi all,
we followed the instructions showed in severals p2 tutorials, that are:
1) create a Plug-in Project
2) create a Product Configuration (based on plug-ins)
3) export the Product
4) create a Feature Project (that includes the Plug-in Project)
5) create an Update Site Project (based on the previous Feature)
6) build the Update Site

at this point we are able to use successfully the Update Site in order
to install the initial Plug-in Project into an Eclipse IDE instance
(via Install New Software).

But we would like to install the Plug-in as a standalone product
(please note that the Plug-in has been created with option "Would you
like to create a rich client application"=yes). What shall we do? Are
the steps followed above still valid for this purpose?
Note that we are using Galileo (Eclipse 3.5).
- is it correct for our purpose to create a Plug-in based Product Configuration?
- in case of one feature (say F1) with more than one Plug-in (say
P1,P2,P3), where (which project: P1,P2,P3,F1,UpdateSite project) is it
more advisable to create the Product Configuration)?
- if the result of the Product Configuration Export wizard is the
final product to deploy (btw: is this correct?), how it can be aware
of the update site location (the update site is the last step)?

Thank you very much

Vincenzo Caselli
RCP Vision