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RE: [equinox-dev] Getting local permission from a bundle programatically

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By local permissions I assume you are talking about getting the content of the OSGI-INF/permissions.perm file. The recommended way to get the content of this file is to use the following

Bundle bundle = getBundle();
URL localPermissions = bundle.getEntry("OSGI-INF/permissions.perm");

The method getEntry should be used to get an entry of a bundle file instead of getResource to handle cases where '.' (dot) is not on the Bundle-ClassPath. This is because getEntry just uses the raw content of the bundle instead of using the bundle's class loader to find the resource.



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[equinox-dev] Getting local permission from a bundle programatically


I am trying to get local permissions from a bundle by programming, is there any way to do this?

I have found a method in Bundle class which is called âgetResources (String name)â, and I would like to know if this could be the solution.

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