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Re: [equinox-dev] DS activation and error logging

Thomas Watson wrote:
 > From:
 > "Michael Furtak" <mfurtak@xxxxxxx>
 > That is my understanding as well. So I guess what I am wondering is:
 > Given the set of Equinox bundles I described (including
 > org.eclipse.equinox.log), I am not seeing a log file produced or an
 > exception logged when my run configuration contains very few bundles. Is
 > my component activation exception perhaps winning a race between the SCR
 > activation process and the SCR's acquiring of a LogService?

The LogService does not actually persist the logged events to file. That is left up to a log listener to decide how to persist the log.

This is a hint to DS bundle users.
It is not very convenient to read the logs when you need to see the problems with DS components.
I would suggest to turn on the "print_on_console" trace option of DS bundle. This will show any errors and warnings coming from SCR in the console. It is quite easy to see the problems with your DS components.
Another way to turn this feature on is by using the system property "equinox.ds.print=true"