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RE: [equinox-dev] Using Log4J in Equinox framework


Thank you for your answer

I read your previous email before writting the my last one, so I created a new bundle in which in scr file I included my log4jproperties file and log4j.jar , I included in its classpath org.apache.log4j.jar, and I exported this package and imported it in my other bundle which I want to use Log4J API.

I tried to include directly Fragment-Host: LibraryStoreBundle either Fragment-Host: LibraryStoreBundle.org.apache.log4j (I mean, I write Fragment-Host: with the name of my bundle which have lo4j.jar in its Manifest.MF) but I get an compilation error because of cannot recognize them, I am using Eclipse IDE, I am not sure if the problem comes from here.

What am I missing?

Thank you again

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Try placing your log4j.properties at the root of your project. also make 
sure that log4j.properties is checked on the build tab of the manifest 
Have you read my last post? In my opinion, this is a much cleaner way of 
using third party jars in an osgi environment. it also makes it easier 
to distribute your bundle, because your applications can be updated and 
deployed independently from its dependencies, and your bundles will be 
much smaller.

David Conde schrieb:
> Hi,
> Thank you for your answer,
> That was just what I wanted to do. My scenario is easy, I just wanted 
> use Log4J Api in one of my bundles, the problem was that I did not 
> know how to include a external library using Eclipse IDE and 
> Manifest.MF, so I included in bundle Classpath firstly, then I 
> exported log4J.jar and I imported log4J.jar in the same bundle since 
> it is this one the only one which is going to use Log4J. After that If 
> I launch my bundle with log4J, Equinox is able to recognize Log4J.jar 
> but the problem now it is that Equinox is not able to find my 
> log4jproperties file like you told me. I got an exception 
> FileNotFoundException log4j.properties not found!
> I have included my log4j.file in the same place that my 
> Activator.java, then I exported from Eclipse this Project in order to 
> have a .jar bundle, could you tell me where do I have to place my 
> log4jproperties file so that Equinox can locate it?
> Thank you in advance
> Regards
> David
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> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 4:28 PM, David Conde <dconde@xxxxxxxx 
> <mailto:dconde@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:
> Hi, thank you very much for your answer.
> I have tried to download the Pax Logging binary file but I have got 
> error with the web site.
> If I am not wrong, the idea would be included paxlogging bundle as a 
> required bundle, in order to get the libraries log4j and 
> common-logging, to launch this bundle and use in my bundle log4j as 
> the same way as I did without Equinox I mean in normal java 
> applications, am I missing anything?
> By the way, why I canât to load the library org.apache.log4j.jar in my 
> bundle and simply to use it? If I have to use other external 
> libraries, what would I have to do in order to be able to use in 
> Equinox framework?
> I think the simplest way you want is to change a log4j Jar file to a 
> log4j bundle. Just create a new bundle project, put log4j.jar in the 
> bundle directory, add log4j.jar to the project build path, export all 
> the packages in log4j.jar,(through Export-Package in bundle's 
> MANIFEST.MF), add log4j to the bundle class path (through 
> Bundle-Classpath in bundle's MANIFEST.MF). And then you get a log4j 
> bundle which can run on Equinox.
> You want to use log4j APIs, just import log4j package in other bundle 
> (through Import-Package in bundle's MANIFEST.MF) and use it directly. 
> But in this way, loading of the configuration file log4j.properties is 
> a problem. log4j.properties can locate in the jar bundle or use a 
> argument to figure it out.
> So using pax log is a better way to resolve the class loader problem.
>     Thank you in advance
>     Regards
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>     PAX Logging at
>     http://wiki.ops4j.org/display/paxlogging/Pax+Logging is a good
>     solution, and the one I use. Another good solution is SLF4J at
>     http://www.slf4j.org/.
>     Both of those implement the log4j logging API and use standard
>     log4j configuration property/xml formats for configuration, which
>     is convenient if that is what you know.
>     Both of those also implement Commons Logging and other logging
>     APIs making it very convenient in an OSGi container!
>     -- 
>     Best Regards,
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>     Hi,
>     I have been trying to use org.apache.lo4j jar in Equinox but I got
>     an exception :
>     Java.lang.Error Unresolved compilation problems:
>     The import org.apache cannot be resolved
>     â.
>     My framework is not able either to recognize or load this library.
>     I have in my Activator. Java the next one:
>     *import* org.apache.log4j.Logger;
>     *import* org._apache_.log4j.PropertyConfigurator;
>     Furthermore, I included org.apache.log4j.jar in my classpath,
>     either I installed this library like a bundle. I also tried to
>     install the bundle from Orbit which implemented log4J, but I
>     always have the same result.
>     Does anyone know what I have to do to use org.apache.log4J in Equinox?
>     I have either include import org.apache.log4j in Manifest.MF, I
>     guess that there is a way to load external libraries in Equinox
>     framework, other times I tried directly installing the jar file
>     and it was fine, but with org.apache.lo4j jar there is no way to
>     get a good result.
>     Any idea?
>     I am using Equinox by Console, not through Eclipse.
>     Thank you in advance
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