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[equinox-dev] Using Log4J in Equinox framework



I have been trying to use org.apache.lo4j jar in Equinox but I got an exception :


Java.lang.Error Unresolved compilation problems:


The import org.apache cannot be resolved



My framework is not able either to recognize or load this library.


I have in my Activator. Java  the next one:


import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

import org.apache.log4j.PropertyConfigurator;


Furthermore, I included org.apache.log4j.jar in my classpath, either I installed this library like a bundle. I also tried to install the bundle from Orbit which implemented log4J, but I always have the same result.


Does anyone know what I have to do to use org.apache.log4J in Equinox?


I have either include import org.apache.log4j in Manifest.MF, I guess that there is a way to load external libraries in Equinox framework, other times I tried directly installing the jar file and it was fine, but with org.apache.lo4j jar there is no way to get a good result.


Any idea?


I am using Equinox by Console, not through Eclipse.


Thank you in advance