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Re: [equinox-dev] Question on Profiles / p2 and standalone Osgi


The profile is not here to instruct p2 what should be installed in your system. Instead you need to think of it as the record of what has been installed.
I think that the issue you are encountering is a tooling one where when you are starting an application from within Eclipse, no corresponding profile is created and as such any subsequent p2 operation can be problematic (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=250126).
There is currently two work around:
1) You create a profile for your installation using the admin ui. When you start your application from within the IDE you set the vm arg eclipse.p2.data.area to point at the p2 folder that contains the profile you are running (e.g. -Declipse.p2.data.area=/Users/Pascal/Downloads/eclipse/p2/). You may also want to specify the ID of your profile by setting eclipse.p2.profile as a vm arg (e.g. eclipse.p2.profile=""> 2) You write a bundle that looks around in the running system, generates metadata representing it, and fake up an installation into a profile (you can find most of the code for generation in the publisher bundle). This bundle would be running in the application started. This is really a HACK and should not be used in real systems. I'm giving you this approach as a way for you to progress, but using this in a real product would result in not guaranteeing unicity of metadata, would not allow you to manage all the external files, and finally would have a cost on startup to update the system.



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[equinox-dev] Question on Profiles / p2 and standalone Osgi

Hello - I am trying to use profiles with a standalone osgi  
application. I have set the osgi app to use a specific p2 data area  
and with a profile I defined using the admin GUI. The profile  
references a shared bundle location. When I start the osgi application  
from eclipse it loads the p2 bundles i have defined in my target. I  
can determine that the app's profile is set to the one I defined and  
that the profile has the correct list of IUs. What I cannot figure out  
is how to get the p2 framework to reconcile what is currently  
installed at startup with what the profile says should be installed.  
Is it possible to get p2 to update the installed plugins based on a  
profile passed in at startup?

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