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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox Framework Checkout problem


Seems like you are looking at the old repository location. All the Equinox
projects were moved to the runtime project: cvsroot/rt. Check out from
that location, should work better.


> Hi,
> Past few days, I had been trying to check out the Equinox Framework
> Project
> : org.eclipse.osgi from CVS repo.
> The tree shows many folders but when I checkout I get only one 'readme'
> file
> checked out.
> I used Eclipse CVS and checked 'org.eclipse.osgi' as New project in
> Eclipse.
> It did not work out.
> Then I used 'Tortoise CVS' after fetching the list from this location : ":
> pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cvsroot/eclipse" , I checked out
> 'org.eclipse.osgi'.
> What I noticed using tortoise CVS was that, all the subfolders in
> 'org.eclipse.osgi' do come up when being checked out, but after process is
> over they are deleted by themselves.
> Am I doing anything wrong here ? Please help !!
> I was thinking repo server might be down. But its still not working. I
> could
> check out other projects via both Eclipse and Tortoise CVS.
> Regards,
> à€�mit à€žà¥�rana (Amit)
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