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RE: [equinox-dev] Support for the console in Equinox


First of all, in which release of the framework the implementation of RFC 147 is planned to be included?

We are interested in this being improved, because our support would immediately benefit from those enhancements, until the new implementation is available. Provided that RFC-147 will be shipped next year at earliest, we would have to handle this issue for at least 2 years, before we and our customers get it.

Since we use the telnet access to the console, some small improvements in its usability, as the ones mentioned in the original mail, will be of much help to us. This is certainly only for the period before the new, improved command line interface, defined in RFC 147, is delivered.

 We may provide a small patch with some improvements for the telnet to make it more user-friendly in the current and probably the next release, before it is finally substituted by the new implementation.


Lazar Kirchev

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We have had a long time desire to remove the console from the framework. It adds a bit of bulk and is not needed in many scenarios. As such we are not doing much to enhance the console at this time. When an implementation becomes available for RFC 147 we would prefer this to be a separate bundle. Once that is done the trick is to figure out how to support the old -console option in Equinox ;-)

If you are interested in implementing RFC 147 in Equinox perhaps we should start an incubator project to get started?


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[equinox-dev] Support for the console in Equinox


I would like to ask what will happen to FrameworkConsole after the Commind Line Interface is placed in a separate service (according to RFC 147)? Will FrameworkConsole remain in the framework or not? We are currently using the console remotely (via telnet), and it is not very user-friendly - it lacks features such as recognizing backspace, del, moving forward and backward, history. If the FrameworkConsole remains in the framework, may we provide a patch adding these features to it?

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