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[equinox-dev] Security Doubt

Hi , I have a doubt about permissions in Equinox, I would like to have the next scenario.


I would like to have a set of bundles called A,A1, A2 running in Equinox, which are able to communicate and know about bundle B, but they do not know about the existence of bundle C, all of them running as well on Equinox. I mean, Bundle A,A1,A2 have permissions either to get service or import service from bundle B, bundle B have permissions either to import or get the service from C, and A, A1 and A2 are not able to get or import service from C. My question is ¿if it is possible to use bundle B from bundles A,A1,A2 to get acess to C service?Will either Java security or Equinox Security thrown an exception in this case?



Thank you in advance