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[equinox-dev] javax.servlet.http classloading problem

Hi, I'm running on platform 3.4.2 and encountered the following problem during development :

When doing a package import of javax.servlet.http and NOT specifying a version,
the package that is loaded is always from the system bundle :
javax.servlet.http; version="0.0.0"<System Bundle [0]>

If we specify a version in the import packages, we get our correct package :
javax.servlet.http; version="2.4.0"<initial@reference:file:../others/javax.servlet_2.4.0.v200706111738.jar/ [52]>

We tried a lot of thing but we couldn't prevent equinox from loading the system bundle if no explicit version is specified.
We tried to use :


But no luck. (with other packages like sun.*, com.sun.* we could succesfully control the loading process)

At the end, the problem is that you get 'package usage conflict errors' because 2 different versions of javax.servlet.http get loaded.
For code we own, this is not a problem, we can add the version but for third-party lib's (bundles we are using), this is not possible.