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RE: [equinox-dev] Autostarting Bundles



I just verified my use cases.  The bundle.info is not created when the .product definition is based upon plug-in configurations.


Use case 1:  .product definition is configured based upon plug-ins

* o.e.e.simpleconfigurator is identified as one of the plug-ins

* o.e.e.simpleconfigurator is identified as a bundle to be auto-started

* exported the product

**  the /configuration folder only contains a config.ini

**  sub-folder for o.e.e.simpleconfigurator/bundle.info does NOT exist


Use case 2: .product definition to be configured upon features

* created a feature with the same plug-ins used in the .product plug-in configuration above

* o.e.e.simpleconfigutor is identified as a plug-in included with the feature

* o.e.e.simpleconfigurator is identified as a bundle to be auto-started

* exported the product, the /configuration folder only contains a config.ini

**  the /configuration folder contains a config.ini

** sub-folder for o.e.e.simpleconfigurator/bundle.info exists




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On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 9:44 AM, O'Flynn, Dennis <Dennis.OFlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


It appears that the product definition needs be based upon feature configuration, not plug-ins.  When I tried this using plug-in based configuration, the config.ini contained a fully defined osgi.bundles, with no bundle.info.  When I switched to a feature based configuration, a bundle.info was generated.

This is probably because you weren't including o.e.equinox.simpleconfigurator in your plug-in configuration. That's how we know you imply to use p2.


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