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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox port on Android

On Apr 20, 2009, at 14:08 , Mathieu Baudier wrote:

Ok, great! Thanks for your quick answer!
I will have a closer look...

Without wanting to highjack this thread or anything, but Apache Felix currently runs on Android out of the box (since release 1.0.3).

May I ask if there are plans for Equinox to officially support Android?

Supporting Android is tricky. To make it work, an undocumented class is being used. Apart from that, you need to do a couple of modifications to permissions of certain directories to enable dynamic loading of classes on the currently available phones (easy to do with a development phone, but on production models it needs a bit of hacking). Therefore, nobody in my opinion can yet claim to officially support Android until Google publishes an API and allows classloading. Of course, if you make your own distribution based on Android, you can change all this.

We are migrating pretty all of our developments to an OSGi-based approach and I am curious to see if it will be possible on mobile platforms, especially Android.
Nothing urgent though, this is more technology watch.

Makes a lot of sense.

Greetings, Marcel