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[equinox-dev] Reg : Loading bundles to OSGI framwork

Hi all ,
   I am relatively new user of Equinox . I dont know whether the same question had been asked before or not .

  In our project we intend to use Equinox .  I would like to know what are the possible ways to load bundles into OSGI framwork .

      I know we can use config.ini , Is there any other way to load a set of bundles to the framwork ? . To understand the technology better , we are not using Eclipse , for even gerenating Mainfest file . So apart from these options , is there any way to load a set of
bundles from  a predefined location  ( like can we have a bundle , which loads all other bundles )   ??  . Kinldy request you to  give your comments. 

Thanks in advance