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[equinox-dev] Bundle with Extension can be invoked in RESOLVED state


I hope I have not totally missed the point, but I have a bundle, let's call it B, that contains an extension for an extension point defined in bundle A. When I invoke a servlet in bundle A the extensions for the extension point are read out and the extension implementations are instantiated. A method getName() is called on the instances to provide a list of the available extensions. This works fine. However if in the osgi console I enter "stop B" and invoke my servlet in bundle A, it still can (and does) access the extension implementation in B. I have verified the state of B by typing "ss" in the osgi console and I'm told its in the RESOLVED state. I can make my scenario work by executing "uninstall B", but am surprised that stop is not enought. I read the javadoc about what RESOLVED means, but somehow this did not IMO clearly state if a bundle in RESOLVED state can be accessed. Should a bundle that has been stopped still be accessible?

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