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[equinox-dev] Re: 3.5M6 missing eclipse directory

Some more stupid questions.....:-)

Ok so that .zip as I learned looks that way because it is "p2-ized". No idea how to tell the PDE Build to use it, but that explains it at least.

The other thing that confuses me is that the download path for equinox is now /home/www/equinox. The original directory (and still existing) directory /home/www/rt/equinox is empty. Normally the structure is /home/www/<top-level>/<project-name>. For some reason equinox is now in the top-level hierarchy.

What is the reason behind that.


2009/3/16 Christian Campo <christian.campo@xxxxxxxxx>

Why is it the eclipse-equinox-SDK-3.5M6.zip and eclipse-equinox-3.5M6.zip dont have eclipse as root in the .zip but straight away features and plugins.

I am able to figure that out, but the PDE build fails miserably ???

Any idea why and what that is ?


christian campo

christian campo (gmail.com)