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[equinox-dev] initial@<url> related

Hi guys,

Can somebody explain or give me some pointers why the location of
bundles installed via the osgi.bundles is prepended with "initial@"?
The "problem" is that this bundles cannot be updated using
Bunlde#update() method or update console command. It will fail with an
java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol: initial@... exception.
Indeed it fails only for those urls that are not "reference:urls". But
since "reference:" can only be used with file url, for any url that is
not an file url, it will then fail.

Tracking down the problem, in my view a simple change in
BaseAdaptor#mapLocationToURLConnection corrects this problem by
changing the line:
return (new URL(location).openConnection());
if( location.startsWith( "initial@" ) )
  return new URL( location.substring( 8 ) ).openConnection();
  return new URL( location ).openConnection();

Because if location starts with "initial@" it will never be a valid url anyhow.

Alin Dreghiciu
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