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Re: [equinox-dev] Extending Application Admin implementation

Hi Miguel,

I'm glad you found a solution. I also found it a bit awkward how the locking stuff is done in the base API provided by the OSGi Alliance. Unfortunately we cannot add anything to the public(protected) API for classes in the org.osgi namespace. I updated the private method to be isPersitentlyLocked like you suggested. Thanks.


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03/02/2009 03:09 AM


Re: [equinox-dev] Extending Application Admin implementation

Problem solved.

I can obtain the state of the locked variable through the getProperties() method, which overwrites the value of APPLICATION_LOCKED property with the value I need.

Sorry for the noise.

Miguel García Longarón wrote:
          Hi again:

         I have realize that I really don't need the isLocked method as it
      is. I would recommend rename the isLocked method to isPersistentlyLocked
      (and maintain it private), and create a new isLocked method which return
      the current value of locked[0];

         Now I'm using a local variable in the ApplicationDescriptor
      extension class, with the same purpose that locked[0] has. I'd prefer to
      know the state of locked[0] to avoid having the same state in two places.

         Best regards,

      Miguel García Longarón wrote:
              Hi all:

             I'm extending the Equinox Application Admin implementation to build
          my own application model. I'm wondering why the
          ApplicationDescriptor.isLocked() method is declared "private" instead
          of  "protected". It'd would very useful to access this method from my
          extension of ApplicationDescriptor. Is there some reason to maintain
          this method private?

             Best regards,




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