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[equinox-dev] Equinox self-diagnosis

Hello everybody,

I am working on bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=174515.
[ErrorHandling] Plugins that can't load do not notify to the user.

This bug is quite difficult as it is necessary to address end rcp users and also Eclipse developers.
I'd like to introduce some kind of self-diagnosis mechanism, in which a feature could tell,
that it could not be loaded successfully because one or more required plugins (or other features) are missing.
For details please refer to the comment 27 in the bug.

I need to know how can I get from Equinox list of installed and resolved plug-ins grouped by features?
I mean something similar to Help->Installation Information->Installed Software, but with underlying plugins?


Christopher Daniel        
Technical Support Engineer
Eclipse Support Center    
IBM Software Group