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Re: [equinox-dev] Showsplash vs SplashPath

There are 3 ways to specify the splash screen: -showsplash, osgi.splashLocation and osgi.splashPath.

Order of precendence is as follows:
1) -showsplash
        this is interpreted by the native launcher, it displays the native "early" splash screen before starting the vm.  This requires a bitmap on the disk (ie in a folder shaped bundle).  
        There is some detail on the wiki http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_Launcher#Command_line_arguments regard the possible values here.

        If -showsplash is specified to the launcher, and a bitmap is found there, then this will cause the property osgi.splashLocation to be set with the path to that bitmap.

2) osgi.splashLocation (in config.ini or system property).   Interpreted by Main,  this is a path to the bitmap on disk

3) osgi.splashPath (in config.ini or system property).   Interpreted by Main, is a url to a bundle
        platform:/base urls are resolved relative to osgi.install.area.  I don't recal if p2 is setting this, if it doesn't then osgi.install.area is based on the location of the equinox.launcher jar.
         file: urls would also work here, absolute urls being the best, (see bug 263280 for relative urls).
        When the final segment is something like "org.eclipse.platform", Main is just searching the disk for the highest version org.eclipse.platform_version, it doesn't know which bundles are actually installed into the running system (ie bundles.info)
        Once a bundle is resolved, we look inside it based on the current osgi.nl value, and we also support jars here (the bitmap is extraced and placed under the configuration area).

platform:/base is probably your best bet, however bundle pools may complicate this depending on how p2 manages osgi.install.area, and whether or not the splash bundle is colocated with org.eclipse.equinox.launcher


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[equinox-dev] Showsplash vs SplashPath

Tom (and others),

What is the difference between the showsplash and splashpath parameters (properties)?  I am working on the publisher for a .product file, and I am trying to figure out what to do with the splash screen.  PDE export appears to use splashPath for the splash screen, and if the bundle that contains the splash screen is "org.foo", PDE export wold generate:
Should p2 just use the prefix platform:/base/plugins?  Or is this something that will be determined at install time?  (i.e. does a shared install need a different prefix)?

R. Ian Bull, PhD
Software Developer, EclipseSource

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