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Re: [equinox-dev] a future with futures

comments in-line.


Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hi all,
> Although provisional API (for 1.5 years) seems a bit conservative...and
> it will cause ECF/other potential clients of the API difficulties over
> this time (i.e. we would like to have our ECF 3.0/Galileo release of
> remote services use this API)...I understand and can certainly live with
> this decision.
> So if I understand it correctly the approach is to be:
> 1) new plugin with id:  org.eclipse.equinox.future
> 2) API package name:  org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.future
> 3) JobsExecutor and RealmExecutor in org.eclipse.core.jobs bundle, in a
> new package:  org.eclipse.core.internal.provisional.jobs.future

We seem to go back and forth on this practice.  If the package name
has internal in the name, does it also need provisional? The p2
bundles use both internal.provisional so that is likely what we should
do also.

> Is this right?  If so I will create the described new plugin, and submit
> new patch that includes this plugin on the enhancement request.
> A question:  For the test code, where (in the equinox test cases) should
> the test code go?  Should it have a new test plugin as well?  What about
> the JobsExecutor-based tests?  Should these go in the jobs test bundle
> or somewhere else?

Currently we have org.eclipse.core.tests.runtime which tests things like
jobs, registry, preferences, common etc. and org.eclipse.osgi.tests which
currently tests the framework and application model.

I suggest you place the tests in org.eclipse.core.tests.runtime for now.
You should probably open a bug against Equinox->Components to continue
this discussion.

> Thanks,
> Scott