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[equinox-dev] P2 modyfing - reducing GUI


Issue with provisioning system equinox.p2 reused in my RCP application:

Is it posible to reduce functionality for Update system such as presented on linked site
( http://www.richclient2.eu/2007_07_03/updates-for-rcp-dummies-restricting-the-update-manager/ )

Where can i find a list of properties to set to reduce or modyfie (especialy reduce GUI to provide auto-Update without user control or withn minimal user integration)  in plugin.properties or plugin_customization.ini

4example I've mada a change in imported plugin  provisioningPrefPage = Install/Update TEST and in application it succesed the change in preferences page. In this way I would like to made some modyfication to adjust P2 update manager's

Thanks for any advice