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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundles specific to workspace

The short answer is no.

The set of bundles installed into an Eclipse instance is based on the installation configuration and does not depend on the workspace which you are opening. If you open several different workspaces with the same eclipse installation then each instance will use the same set of installed bundles.

With p2 you can use a bundle pool to configure several different eclipse installations and each can use a different set of bundles from the bundle pool. This way you do not have to duplicate the shared bundles on disk for each eclipse installation. You can then use one installation to open Workspace_A and another installation to open Workspace_B. Unfortunately with Eclipse 3.3 you don't have p2. In that case you must have different eclipse installs if you want multiple instances that use different sets of bundles and this will cause multiple copies of the shared bundles to exist on disk. Also each install will be individually managed instead of having a central bundle pool that can be managed by p2.

If you have additional questions about p2 you should try the newsgroup or the p2-dev mailing list.


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[equinox-dev] Bundles specific to workspace

Hi ,

Can we install Bundles specific to Eclipse workspaces (of specific Eclipse intallation)? e.g. for Eclipse 3.3 set-up, installing Bundle_v1.0.0 for Workspace_A and Bundle_v1.0.1 for Workspace_B.

If yes, then how?

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