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[equinox-dev] Compiler errors when using org.eclipse.osgi from HEAD


I have released changes to org.eclipse.osgi to start using the new OSGi/Minimum-1.2 execution environment. In order to compile the current code in HEAD you must use the latest I-Build (I20081112-1200) which added support for the OSGi/Minimum-1.2 execution environment.

Unfortunately the change will cause compile problems if you don't configure in an OSGi/Minimum-1.2 execution environment into your workspace (see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=255267). To get around this I have created an Execution Environment Definition file which you can use to configure in an OSGi/Minimum-1.2 execution environment. The file is located in the org.eclipse.osgi project at org.eclipse.osgi/osgi/OSGi_Minimum-1.2.ee. To use this file do the following:

1) Go to Window->Preferences->Java->Instealled JREs
2) Click Add... Select "Execution Environment Definition" and click Next >
3) Use org.eclipse.osgi/osgi/OSGi_Minimum-1.2.ee from your workspace as the Definition File and click Finish.

This should allow bundles that use the OSGi/Minimum-1.2 EE to compile against the ee.minimum-1.2.0.jar.