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[equinox-dev] ClassLoader incompatibilities due to EquinoxFWClassLoader

In our tests for dm Server we are firing up an Equinox instance many times in the same VM and after the first invocation (which loads Equinox types with the app ClassLoader), our tests fail because Equinox types are loaded with an EquinoxFWClassLoader. This behaviour cannot easily be stopped because the FrameworkProperties.inUse() method always returns true.

The issue for us in using EquinoxFWClassLoader is that we get test failures due to class incompatibilities. In our case, we load StateObjectFactory in the first test run, and for that run the instance of State that the Equinox types see is the same as those seen by StateObjectFactory. For subsequent runs, Equinox types are loaded from the EFWCL and are not compatible with the types that dm Server has previously loaded.

The simplest solution for us is to be able to clear the FrameworkProperties. A better solution for us is to prevent the use of EFWCL.


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