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[equinox-dev] Re: Extension registry evolution

Oleg Besedin schrieb:
> Thank you for the comments, lots of good points.

One point that I forgot to mention is something like "scopes" or
"views". This comes from a multi-tenant requirement in CloudFree. I'd
like to be able to scope the visibility of extension to a tenant, i.e.
tenant A is allowed to see a different set of extensions than tenant B.

I don't know if its better implemented as general filtering or using
security/trust. Could be a mixture of both, though. In any case the
transformations don't work because the filtering happens at runtime.

Currently, when a request is received, the tenant context will be
identified and then the available extensions will be filtered based on
that context. I've implemented that on top of the extension registry.
But this requires that I need to use other mechanisms in a hosted
environment to prevent direct registry access from third party tenant


Gunnar Wagenknecht