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Re: [equinox-dev] Starting equinox framework in program

Why not install those plug-ins in your application? Then your plug-in can be in charge of monitoring and manging those plug-ins. The EclipseStarter.startup you called in your plug-in that is the main function of your app. You can easily find that Equinox prevents the framework running again if it's running in the source code of EclipseStarter. If you want to start another Equinox framework, try Runtime.exec.

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Re: [equinox-dev] Starting equinox framework in program

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes, my plug-in is an UI Eclipse plugin. And it's true that Equinox framework will be start firstly when Eclipse launched. But the problem is the Equinox framework I want to start is not the framework of Eclipse platform where my plug-in is install in. The Equinox framework I want to start is another framework (application), and all the bundle is in a folder.
I want to start another Equinox framework through my plug-in, and install all the bundles of the application through my plug-in, then I can control and monitor the bundles on the Equinox framework. For that my plug-in is a Bundle Monitor tool to control another Equinox-based application.

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