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Re: [equinox-dev] GWT+Equinox

I didn't use anything from CVS. The Eclipse SDK (aka Eclipse Classic, and possibly other eclipse distros), come with Jetty.

I will create a small Hello World example and post it. I'm not sure I can post it here (since it uses the GWT bundle), but I can post it on my blog and link to it here. You're not the first person to request this, so it seems this setup has some use.

I can also investigate the possibility of "donating" the code to the Eclipse Examples project. This may require an Orbit bundle for GWT though.


Ricardo Giacomin wrote:
This is what I did originally:

1) I created a plug-in wrapping gwt-user.jar and gwt-devwindows.jar (this
plug-in is called equinox.gwt)
2) In this plug-in manifest, I removed javax.servlet.* from exported
packages and appended Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: registered
3) I had a working gwt RPC sample application (pretty much a hello world)
that I converted to a plug-in project (this plug-in is called
4) I checked-out the following plug-ins from dev.eclipse.org (using the
jetty http psf)
   . javax.servlet (v2_4)
   . org.apache.commons.logging (v1_0_4)
   . org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty
   . org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry
   . org.eclipse.equinox.http.servlet
   . org.mortbay.jetty (5_1_11)
5) In plug-in equinox.gwt.sample I extended
org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry.resources and
6) In manifest file, I appended Eclipse-RegisterBuddy: equinox.gwt

My RemoteServiceServlet is called MyServiceImpl. It is instantiated but a
ClassCastException is thrown when it is assigned to newDelegate, in
SevletManager.initializeDelegate() method.

Ian, if I put javax.servlet plug-in as required to equinox.gwt, I get HTTP
ERROR: 405 HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL. If I put
javax.servlet as required to equinox.gwt.sample, I still get the

Jeff, which is the stable version I should get from cvs (instead of using
psf file)? I tried version R3_4 with no success.

Any other hints?

Ricardo Giacomin

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I have this working with GWT 1.5 and Eclipse 3.4, so we know it's possible :-).

Have you tried adding javax.servlet to the required plug-ins for GWT? I have a GWT bundle, and I noticed that it depends on javax.servlet. If I remove this dependency I get the class cast exception.

I also removed all the servlet stuff from Exported Packages list. (See the Runtime tab in the Manifest editor).


Ricardo Giacomin wrote:
Hi there,

I tried to follow the directions from wiki page http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Google_Web_Toolkit_and_Equinox with no success. The problem is that no matter what I do I still get the ClassCastException when the ServletManager tries to instantiate the servlet. It is probably a problem of different servlet API version (2.4 in equinox http and 2.3 in gwt).

I'm using:

GWT 1.5.2

Eclipse 3.4

Jetty Http from http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/server/downloads/jettyhttp-anon.psf

Any hints?

Thank you in advance.


Ricardo Giacomin

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