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[equinox-dev] Need help starting an OSGI based project


I have been asked to base a new application on the OSGi framework choosing Equinox as the runtime. After my initial few weeks of study I have a few questions that I need clarified since I couldn't find any direct answers for these (or perhaps didn't manage to reach the right resources):

1. As per the quick start guide I can launch equinox through:  

 java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_x.y.z.jar -console

However, there are launchers available for most platforms too. I want to know as to
which approach I should be taking - use a launcher to start my application or stick to a script that runs "java -jar org.eclipse.osgi_x.y.z.jar -console" etc? Any trade-offs between the two?

2. In case I have to use the launcher due to some reasons, then if I were to package my application as a product and distribute it - would that mean users launching the product via eclipse.exe?  Any other way?

Please point me to any resources that deal with step-by-step on building products based on equinox runtime. I am really new to this stuff so any help would be really appreciated!