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[equinox-dev] [prov] Can't figure it out how the actions are called..?

Hi people,

this will probably turn out terribly embarrassing for me, but I just can't figure this out, so please help.. :)

I'm looking at the content.xml from the Ganymede repository,


and as far as I can tell (I didn't actually read all the 12 megs worth of xml...), whenever there's an eclipse touchpoint IU, there seems to be only one instruction, the 'manifest', which is ok, I can see how that's used in the installBundle action. My problem is, I can't figure out how the InstallBundleAction gets called. For example, let's look at the Install-phase, first I though the phase would call the getAction of the touchpoint, with the phase id (which I suppose would make sense somehow) but this never happens, it just attempts to parse actions from the 'install'-instructions, which aren't there. The only IUs I could find actually adressing the installBundle action directly using an 'install'-instruction had the null-touchpoint specified, which somehow also feels funny.

What am I missing? :)

Or am I looking at some weird version of the content.xml which is not actually in use?