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Re: [equinox-dev] P2 authoring reaches first milestone

Hi Henrik,

Really Cool Stuff.  I'm examining/trying it now.

One comment I wanted to make on this list...you have a number of good questions about the p2 use of Namespaces and IDs on the wiki page (e.g. can new namespaces be added, what are constraints on IDs, etc).

I just wanted to remark that ECF core has a package org.eclipse.ecf.identity that includes a Namespace abstract super class, ID and IIDFactory interfaces, and several built-in Namespaces...e.g. StringID, LongID, GUID (based upon base-64 encoded large number). There is also an extension point for adding new Namespaces. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if these concepts (Namespace, ID, extensibility in namespaces and ID construction, etc) are desired/needed for P2 going forward, there is already a working implementation available in ECF core. We (obviously) use and extend it heavily...to represent service ids, user ids, group ids, file ids, etc. It has minimal requirements (none other than CDC 1.0/Foundation 1.0).

Also...just FYI...we have been/are adding a persistent store for ECF IDs:


This uses the newly added Equinox Secure Preferences to securely store/retrieve Namespaces and their IDs.


Henrik Lindberg wrote:
I have now reached a first milestone in P2 IU authoring. This wikipage http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Metadata_Authoring has screenshots of the editor. There are also instructions (at the top), where to find the editor and how run it.

To summarize:
- IU files can be created and edited
- Support for undo/redo and interactive error messages

I have some questions regarding certain fields, and what makes sense from an editing perspective. Some of those questions are on the wiki page. Feel free to add comments or ideas to the wiki page.
What remains to be supported:
- creation of fragment
- creation of patch
- lookup in repositories.
- "build/test" stuff

Looking forward to receiving comments.

best regards

Henrik Lindberg

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