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Re: [equinox-dev] Aspects: problem weaving same class file in different bundles

Stuart said:
>another possibility would be to import and export the 'widgets'
>package from both widget bundles, then they would both see
>the same class regardless of the order they were installed.
> Export-Package: widgets
> Import-Package: org.osgi.framework, widgets

Martin, Stuart,

I knew it would be something embarrassing! I knew about the
import/export thing, in fact told some colleagues about it a few
months back. My only excuse is that I was so focused on the aspects,
er aspect, that I quite forgot this may be an issue.

I added 'widgets' to the Import-Package header and it works - thanks very much.

I do realise, Martin that it may seem rather unconventional to do what
I am doing and it is not easy to explain without going into more
detail than I want to in this forum.

I have a followup question if I may.....

In trying to resolve this myself I had a look at the 'perthis',
'pertarget', and even 'pertypewithin' qualifiers for the aspect
definintion. Are these supported in equinox aspects? I do not see any
difference when I try to use them. If I want a new aspect for each
target rather than the default singleton, under what conditions would
I get this?

Thanks for your help and solution.