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[equinox-dev] notes from 6/25 UIWG p2 UI design walkthrough

Hi, everyone.
Thanks for taking the time to attend the p2 UI walkthrough, it was helpful.

I've annotated the "prep page" with notes about the actual discussion that took place. I've included links to existing bug reports on some of these topics so that you can comment in individual bugs with new ideas or suggestions. This is where many of the design discussions have taken place so far.

Apologies if I missed some ideas or comments, please let me know (or update the wiki) if I did.


The general discussion at the end involving the separation of tasks and presentation spawned some interesting ideas, from completely separating installed and available views to merging them into one view. I plan to mock up some proposals in these different directions and will post to the wiki/notify this group when avaialble. I hope to return the UIWG for some further discussion.

thanks again,