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RE: [equinox-dev] RE: Need help building a product with p2

It's coming from assemble.org.eclipse.pde.build.container.feature.win32.win32.x86.xml.  It create the jars, generates the metadata, calls pre.archive, then zips everything up and deletes the tmp directory:
  <delete dir="${assemblyTempDir}"/>
This delete fails because the plugins are still in use by something.  It has to be either the p2 generator or zip I would imagine.  I added a customAssembly.xml file and added a sleep to the pre.archive target.  We'll see if that helps.
BTW, the product build is finally working on our build server now.  We used to build one of the platform plugins a few products ago, and the map file for it was still hanging around and getting checked out with all of the others.  This caused all the weird missing dependency *_0.0.0 errors.  I guess it didn't matter if that map was there when we were just building features, but the product build concats everything together.  That was a booger to track down.  :) 
Thanks for the help Andrew.
 Doing the metadata generation from the product build seems to generate good data, but I think there's a timing bug.  When I run that on our build server, I get an error during a cleanup ant task in the generated ant scripts.  It's   trying to delete some stuff that's still in use.  if I wait a few seconds it would work, but I don't control the call to the cleanup task.  It seems the metadata generation completes but hasn't released all of the plugins yet for some reason.
 [AN] We have not seen this kind of issue in our own builds, can you please raise a bug with the details.  I'm not sure which clean task you are refering to, if it is the one in the customTargets.xml, you can define "noclean=true" to turn it off.  Another possibility would be to use the custom Assembly steps ("Customizing a Headless Build" in the RC4 help).  The pre.archive task will be called after metadata generation, as well there is more metadata generation done at the end of the package phase and customTargets.xml/postPackag occurs immediately afterward.  You could try putting custom ant in these tasks to introduce a delay if necessary.