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RE: [equinox-dev] Please help: Self Provisioning of an RCP app with P2

I'm thinking of doing the same. I have a little RCP app which looks a lot like the p2 installer which tries to update itself with the rest of the Eclipse platform along with the CDT and MinGW toolchains and some libraries (for Wascana, http://wascana.sf.net). I haven't had success yet and got sidetracked by Ganymede. But I should be getting back to it next week. I'll certainly share my experiences with the rest of the community. This self provisioning is one of the hopes I have for p2 and am confident it can work.


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> Hi All,
> I am trying to create a little RCP application that uses P2 
> for updating itself (self provisioning). I have read all 
> available information in the Internet and still can't get it 
> done. Is there anybody out there who has successfully created 
> an RCP based application that can update itself using P2? 
> If so, please share the recipe. 
> Thanks a lot!
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