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Re: [equinox-dev] feature names

I will just point out these feature names don't appear anywhere outside our test updates repository apart from "Equinox Provisioning Platform". The director and generator features are build-time only features that probably shouldn't even be put on the test update site. They only exist because of the nature of the build process and I don't think there are interest for users. The p2 source feature will be installed on disk for users, but the name will only be found by the user if they open the feature.properties file on disk, since the source features are not installed and don't appear in the About dialog or configuration details. Since the testUpdates repository contents will be blown away with the first 3.5 build, I don't really see any value fixing them for 3.4.0.

 I did consciously called the p2 feature "Equinox Provisioning Platform" because I thought "Equinox p2" wouldn't be sufficiently descriptive for a user not familiary with our code names. I could be convinced otherwise...

Having said that, consistency is of course good and it would make sense to update them all to be consistent in 3.5 if we don't do it earlier.

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[equinox-dev] feature names

As discussed in the planning call this morning our feature names are all over the map.  Here is a sample of some I see in the current testUpdates repo
Eclipse Project Equinox bundle feature
Eclipse P2 Developer Resources
Equinox bundle source feature
Equinox Provisioning Director Application Feature
Equinox Provisioning Generator
Equinox Provisioning Platform
The should beâ  (in the corresponding order)
Equinox Bundles
Equinox p2 Developer Resources
Equinox Bundles Developer Resources
Equinox p2 Director Application
Equinox p2 Generator Application
Equinox p2
Anyone have other ideas?
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