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Re: [equinox-dev] Installer and agent data location

On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 06:57 -0700, Pedro Carneiro wrote:
> As you mentioned earlier, the /p2 directory is not created by the installer
> in the installation directory.
> I also noticed that the /p2 directory is created and updated [when the
> eclipse is running] in the install directory (the directory where the
> installer was).
> I think that the installer forget to move or, somehow, is not moving the /p2
> directory to the installation directory.
Yes, it looks like that. And if you delete the installer, your
installation will be broken and cannot be updated.
> 1. I did not find a bug for this. Is there one to keep me on track of this?
> In RC4, I noticed that the /features directory is back. The installer
> delivered in the RC4 is not creating the /features directory also.
The installer found in HEAD is not creating the features directory. That
is a result of setting IProfile.PROP_INSTALL_FEATURES of the profile to
"true". For our installer I've set this property
inInstallUpdateProductOperation.createProfile(). I have no idea if the
installer should install features or not.
> 2. I did not find a bug for this. Is there one to keep me on track of this?
> Thanks,
> Pedro Carneiro
I've not found any bugs to track these issues either. Could someone from
the p2 team please comment on this thread?