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RE: [equinox-dev] Is the P2 installer supposed to work?

Dunno Alex.  This works fine for me on windows but I see your point on the Mac.

> I had a look at the p2installer.ini:
> -showsplash
> org.eclipse.platform
> -vmargs
> -Xdock:icon=../Resources/Eclipse.icns
> -XstartOnFirstThread
> -Xms40m
> -Xmx256m
> -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
> -Dorg.eclipse.swt.internal.carbon.smallFonts
> No mention of the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.installDescription that the
> page suggests it looks for. I try adding it, and get a new message
> saying the error is invalid. That's maybe because the URL that that
> page points to is invalid:
>   http://update.eclipse.org/eclipse/testUpdates/sdk-
> installer.properties
> - 404 not found

The doc is wrong.  The correct URL is 

> * When finished, you can delete the installer
> I deleted it. At least that worked ...


Not really...