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[equinox-dev] [prov] configuring profile on the fly

Ciao Guys :)
Hope things are settling a bit for you guys now that API-freeze is out
the door...

Using M7 I tried to do a little pde commandline build, here is what I
tried to achieve:
- Export a product
That's simple enough using the UI, an easy-to-use export wizard does all
the magic.
However, I'm having tremendous trouble getting things to work on the
commandline front, some questions arise from that:

1.) I've checked in Eclipse into our CM. In order to get a real benefit
from that I renamed all plug-ins from <id>_<version> to <id> only, is
this going to work with p2?

2.) config.ini lists a file "bundles.info", is there a way to have p2
assemble that file on the fly? The old configurator seems to have done
that, will I need to create that file now to be operable?

3.) p2/*engine/*/<profilename>/<timestampfile>
	Is the profile something that also needs to be pregenerated?
Looks like but is there a way to have this also generated on the fly?

That's it on the p2 front, your comments/answers are as usual highly
appreciated, there are some issues for the PDE folks to create bugzillas
for now... ;)
Ciao, hh